Welcome to Solv Numerics

Solv Numerics provides CAD, CAE engineering consultancy services to customers across the globe. Solv Numerics is one of the fastest growing engineering  services   provider in India.   Solv Numerics supports product design,   evaluation and optimization  using  best analytical tools and methods leading to efficient product design.  Quicker  turnaround  means  reduced  cost  of  NPI to the customer. We provide excellent overlap with customers abroad, thus reducing time-zone differences.

Solv-Numerics strives to work efficiently and effectively to serve as a "desired outsourcing destination" in India for our global clients.


We   deliver   services   in   CAD   (engineering product design, modeling  and  detailing,  civil and  architectural designing, modeling), CAM, CAE ( FEA,  Mold  flow  and  CFD )  with  high quality, reliability  with  dedication, through a team of motivated, qualified engineers.
So far,  on-time  delivery  of  projects,  better communication   channels   with   the  clients and   velocity   expected   by   customers   are benchmarks of Solv-Numerics.

Areas where solutions offered

Solv Numerics offers solutions in wide range of  major  industrial  domains  :   Automotive, Aerospace,  Bio-engineering, Home appliances, Energy,  Oil  &  Gas ,  Civil  &  Architectural, Aviation, Off-highway vehicles, Healthcare etc.,
Solv-Numerics has collaboration in the area of Manufacturing services with several highly skilled, certified fabrication, manufacturing houses in India.

Software expertise

For more details please send your inquiry to contact@solv-numerics.com