Product development

In business and engineering, new product development (NPD) is the term used to describe the complete process of bringing a new product to market.
There are two parallel paths involved in the NPD process:
  • one involves the idea generation, product design and detail engineering;
  • the other involves market research and marketing analysis.
Companies typically see new product development as the first stage in generating and commercializing new products.
This happens within the overall strategic process of product life cycle management used to maintain or grow their market share.
Innovative Concept Design
Product Engineering
Process cycle



Dynamic analysis will give a prediction of life and RLA for the components of critical nature.


CAD Design Modeling and Detailing
Parametric and non-parametric 3D Modeling, 2D drafting, Free-form and surface modeling, Bill of Materials, Exploded and sectional views, Design Automation, Modeling and Drafting.
BIM services
MEP design projects, Clash detection, 3D Modelling, Generating 2D outputs, Phase wise, Erosion control, Specification-wise DTM generation, Quantity estimation, Area, Space designing and scheduling, door, Window & Material Schedules, Visibility graphics, Family generation, Estimation, Rendering, all type of Basin project settings, Visibility, Layering, MEP Layouts, Detail drawings.
Architectural and Civil
Industrial buildings, Residential Apartment design, Projects related to structural engineering, Design & Analysis of Slipway, Multi-storied buildings, stadiums.
Piping CAD
Basic and detail Piping design, Piping Isometric drawings, Piping layout and route development, Piping Design & Drafting Services Outsourcing, Route detail design, As-built documentation, Preparation of nozzle orientation, support cleat drawing, Technical specifications for piping and specialty Items, Structural drawings for piping supports, Pipe Fitting Layout, Piping arrangement drawing.

CAE Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Mold flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to assist in the product design, evaluation and optimization leading to efficient design and reduced costs. Further, services in the area of product performance simulation leads to reduction in prototyping and testing costs and time thereby reducing time to market.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Linear and Non-linear analysis, Contacts, Fatigue modeling, Buckling, Fracture Mechanics, Crash analysis, Seat belt anchorage, Seat back strength, Head restraint performance, Unoccupied frontal, rearward impact, Modal, Steady State and Transient Thermal Analysis, Modal, Harmonic, Transient Dynamic Analysis, Structural analysis using STAAD.Pro.
Design of plastic parts
Injection mold flow simulation
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Steady and transient CFD, Rotating machinery CFD (MRF, Sliding mesh), Dynamic mesh motion CFD, Sliding meshes, Flow network modeling (1D code), Multi-phase flows, Under-hood cold flow, Human comfort modeling, Pollutants modeling, Aero-acoustics, Cavitation modeling.
Heat Transfer studies
Conjugate heat transfer, Radiation modeling, Combustion CFD, Under-hood thermal, Solar heat load modeling, Solidification & melting.
Compressor, Turbine cascades, Blade/vane cooling, Impingement, Film cooling, Trailing edge cooling, Tip leakage studies, Combustor modeling and analysis, 3D Hot gas path analysis, Loss estimation studies, Secondary air path analysis, Seal systems.